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    I have been working on my blog –
    and adding a front-end index.php in the root of the site. All of a sudden when I update a page, I only get the same old information back. Also, my welcome-home.php site now has the tab-title of “About”, etc etc etc.

    I tried deleting both the first welcome page and the first about page. Now the new pages are coming up all mixed up again!!

    I could use some major suggestions – please…

    Thank you,

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  • try disabling your plugins to ensure its not a plugin issue. also make sure you have the index.php file in the root correctly edited to point to your “blog” directory and have followed the instructions for moving it correctly. It is sometimes tricky when making this move.

    Thank you MJEG for your help. The plug-ins are already deactivated. I tried everything on the help page with no success. I have a backup of my site and am thinking about uninstalling wp and do a reinstall of it. As it stands now – every page and post shows the same content, even tho the pages have the proper content in the WP-admin dashboard area. Do you think that the database is corrupt? Perhaps all I need to do is kill the database and upload the backup…?

    you can do an automatic reinstall of wordpress without uninstalling
    with uninstalling you risk loosing all of your data if not properly exported and everything first. you can also just replace the files in all the folders (except wr-content) with the new ones (the manual upgrade style)

    i dont know if its the database or not, but i would only touch the database as a very last resort

    Thanks MJEG. I did uninstall and reinstall wp before I say your latest post. Luckily, I’m paranoid about loosing anything related to my websites. So I downloaded it all before uninstalling. Also luckily I read your message right after I got everything back on the server – I was getting white pages and uploading the old wp-content file as you suggested fixed that. Thank you so much!!! You saved my blog!! Bless you!

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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