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    I am losing pages left and right. I just installed WordPress with DreamHost’s installer this past week and copied over a lot of information from an existing site. I created some 30 pages or so.

    Then I created subpages. A few hours later, I noticed that the parent page disappeared. So I created the parent page again and put the subpages under it.

    When I went to the top, I find that several other pages are now missing. Hours of work have been lost.

    I could click the tabs and the total number of visible tabs would change, depending on which tab I clicked on. Certain defective pages’ tabs would appear and disappear. By defective, I mean that when I tried to go to those tabs, I got an error message from WordPress. But their tabs were still hanging around.

    I just now checked my blogroll. I had 3 links. I edited the first link and no name showed up and the link was empty. I canceled and refreshed the blogroll page and the top link disappeared.

    I feel like I’m pouring water into a leaky bucket.

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  • I figured out that Google Web Accelerator was the cause. Once I uninstalled it, my pages stopped disappearing.

    Glad you didn’t actually lose anything, and that it was just a program that was displaying the website differently than it really was.

    Not sure what it was accellerating there, beyond a limited version of your website.

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