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  • I had a WP 2.7.1 Blog this first occured. Because I know that there were bugs in the 2.7.1 Feed system I waited until 2.8 came out and installed it right away. It did not change a thing.

    This Behaviour is quite esoteric. I am a bit puzzeled on how to find out what it causes it. I really need help and input from third parties because I do not see clear any longer.

    I have a Blog with a static frontpage.

    All pages but the static frontpage _do_ work after rebuilding permalinks. After some hours, let’s say 8 hours but everytime after 24 hours, alle pages but the frontpage do not return their content. They get converted into the standard feed of the page.

    * I deactivated one plugin after the other – no change.
    * I changed to the default theme but the feed was still delivired.
    * I hacked WP Core sothat is_feed() always returned false. Then not the Feed but the standard lineup of posts was returned on the errorneous pages.

    I do not know what is causing this. There is a secondary WP_CRON method I might try as well. I will check that out.

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  • I just changed tothe standard theme completely over the weekend. I will now deactivate all non-standard plugins as well for the standard test.

    If this all does not help I will make a new setup. Client is informed and already made a backup.

    Since updating permalinks does help I took a look into the wordpress database options table. Even though If I delete the cron and all the _transient_% entries, they re-appear after I update permalinks.

    some of the transient entries are called _transient_feed_mod and _transient_timeout_feed. I think wordpress will setup itself to display feeds instead of normal content by it’s cron mechnism.

    It is noteable that is_feed() is checked quite on top in the template loader (/wp-includes/template-loader.php). Therefore if this returns bogus data, it might be the switch to return the feed instead of normal pages content.

    Next time the error occurs, I will start to debug there.

    Updating Permalinks triggers $wp_rewrite->set_permalink_structure($permalink_structure); in the admin. A Hotfix might be the contineous call to that function with getting the option (get_option('permalink_structure');). This would be real WP 2.x style but won’t help to find the bug. Assumed that the Bug is triggered by that pseudo, not working WP-Cron-Stuff, this must be called _after_ Cron triggers to get a working hotfix.

    Afte the problem re-appeared, containing bogus redirects, cached feeds and esoteric behavior on reload, I decided to put a simple:

    $wp_rewrite->set_permalink_structure($permalink_structure = get_option('permalink_structure')); into /wp-blog-header.php. Let’s see if that heals it.

    Looks a bit promising so far. The only thing is that at least the feed is returned once. The next time the page is loaded, it’s “normal” again and does not stall on being feed.

    Now, the proceudre get’s more and more standarized:

    * Normal Content
    * Wait 24h
    * Still Normal Content
    * Call the Feed one time (the standard request to get the Feed:
    * The next request to the Server for non-feed content will return feed.
    * The then next request to the Server for non-feed content will return normal content again.

    Looks like that calling the feed triggers that for once. But it will be restored with the next request (because each request now restores all permalinks). afterwards it takes some time until the cron makes it bogus again then, sothat requesting the feed after 24h again can trigger the bogus behaviour again.

    A fix might then be to restore the permalinks on/after every cron action.

    In case someone encounters the same problem (or other Permalink related problems), I created a plugin to permanently rebuild permalinks on each request called Permafrost.

    Hello hakre,

    First, thanks for posting.
    I’ve experienced something similar with slightly different scenario.
    I installed ‘All in one SEO Pack’ all was working great. Then, I’ve decided to change my permalinks. Woke up the next day and since then, I can’t see the meta tags of my pages.
    I suspect it has to do with the fact I’ve changed the permalinks.
    I’ve being going insane for 3 days now over this looking for a solution in despair.
    (aioseo_p forum is having some tech issues)
    Knowing very little sql I browsed the wpoptions table and found those strange _transient entries – googled it, and here I am. 🙂

    I tried to install your plugin ver. 0.4 as my last resort praying it will restore things to normal, but got an error upon activation:

    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STATIC, expecting T_OLD_FUNCTION or T_FUNCTION or T_VAR or ‘}’ in /homepages/29/d296118735/htdocs/NTAT/wordpress/wp-content/plugins/permafrost/permafrost.php on line 39

    I’m using WP 2.8.4 & PHP 2.6.4-pl3

    Your help will be much much appreciated.

    Thank you.

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