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  • Hey there,

    I’m using the 1 install of WP as a CMS to run my site (Pages), and a blogging engine (Posts) at /blog/.

    What I’m after is a completely custom /home/ page, but every other page running off the same / similar template.

    Under Reading settings I have both static pages set – Home and Blog. Based on what I have read this appears to be correct.

    What I have trouble with is identifying the /home/ and /blog/ page in the PHP template.

    I originally wrote something like:

    <?php if ( is_home() || is_front_page() ) {
    		include(TEMPLATEPATH . '/myhome.php');
    	} else {
    		include(TEMPLATEPATH . '/body.php');
    	} ?>

    … where myhome.php is a unique template specifically for the /home/ page (I don’t want the headers, and have slightly different CSS), and body.php is for every other page. Works wonders.

    Until I click the /blog/ link.

    This seems to load some cross of the /myhome.php template without the appropriate stylesheets. Can’t quite work it out, but it’s definitely falling into the is_home() || is_front_page() if statement. This makes sense, I guess? – I’ve set /blog/ as the front page.

    I’m thinking there’s a correct combination of is_home(), is_front_page(), is_page(), etc. that should do this correctly for me.

    Anyone successfully written a theme like this, or got some template suggestions, with a custom /home/ page and the /blog/ page simply listing the blogs like it should, and all other ./pages displaying correctly too?


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  • esmi


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    Your approach is logical but wrong for WordPress.
    Sstart by creating a custom page template, then apply that template to your chosen home Page.

    You are quite right. A custom page template for /home/ can be applied as such, and works quite well. Nice.


    Still don’t have the blog working quite right but I have seen it so I must have tweaked my PHP a little too much. Will work on that.

    OK, this does work well but I can’t get the page at /blog/ and the subsequent Posts linked from this page to display in similar fashion to my Pages.

    Commands like list_pages don’t appear to work so well on the /blog/ and Post pages, and don’t list my CMS pages.

    So the above works:

    • custom template for /home/
    • every other page using the normal template

    But now – possibly down the wrong route? – I’m using is_page() logic to get the PHP template correct for the Pages / Posts.

    I have a <?php if (is_page()) { ?> statement with some PHP for all Pages, and then the <?php } else { ?> statement with different PHP which appears to kick in for /blog/ and any Blog Posts.

    This does seem to work. If I specify a template for the /blog/ it just doesn’t seem to work, possibly because the /blog/ page isn’t a normal page in this situation, but not entirely sure.

    Is this the correct way to go about getting the /blog/ listing and blog Posts looking slightly different to normal Pages?



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    Commands like list_pages don’t appear to work so well

    list_pages in an old template tag that’s no longer supported. Try using wp_list_pages instead.

    I’m using is_page() logic to get the PHP template correct for the Pages / Posts.

    Wrong approach. If you’ve set your Home and Blog page using Admin/Settings/Reading/Front page displays, your Blog page will use the index.php file as its template.

    your Blog page will use the index.php file as its template.

    Blog will *always* use index.php? i.e. I should define my default Blog template within this file, then include my Pages template with {otherfile}.php as another template a reference that (With Home existing in yet another template).



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    Your defined posts page will always use index.php. Not sure I understand the rest of your question.

    I’m finding that my blog page is ignoring my index.php and using home.php as a template. what would cause that?

    I had the same issue with my WordPress 3.0 install. I had home.php as a custom template and my default page pointed towards “home”. My posts page would never come up under /blog.

    I fixed it by moving home.php to myhome.php and renaming the template to MyHome. Then I re-saved the “home” page and it started working as expected. I wonder if home.php is a reserved filename.

    Anyways, I’m not sure if you need to rename the filename alone or also the name of the template within the file.

    Hope that helps and isn’t confusing.



    I can confirm mcbutterbuns’ solution — I was running into the same issue. It appears that home.php is reserved for home page display (see Template Hierarchy) — I renamed home.php to home_template.php and /blog used the default template (page.php) again.



    First create 2 two page “Home” and “Blog” with blank content and create
    a page-home.php file. Copy the all content from index.php file / or write your own design code in this page-home.php file.

    Next, login into wp-admin and goto Reading/Settings section. Then choose the following options:

    Front page displays : activate A static page (select below)

    * Front page: Home
    * Posts page: Blog

    (if the issue is solve, mark is resolve)

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