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[Resolved] Pages and posts permalinks not workin

  • I’ve recently reinstalled a new web server with a new php version and the pages and posts permalinks are not working anymore.

    I’ve installed Apache 2.2.4 (Unix) like this:
    root@darkstar:/usr/local/apache2/build# cat config.nice
    #! /bin/sh
    # Created by configure

    “./configure” \
    “–enable-proxy” \
    “–enable-ssl” \
    “–enable-rewrite” \
    “–enable-cgi” \
    “–enable-so” \

    And PHP 5.2.1, first as a fastcgi app (I thought this was the problem) and then as an apache module:

    When I click on pages or posts I get a blank page and no error (checked error_log)

    My site is: http://makemydays.be/blog

    P.S: I’m using wordpress 2.1

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  • I’ve rerun the old webserver now so my blog can work correctly. I’ve changed the port for the new web server to 81 so add :81 after the hosts
    http://makemydays.be:81/blog (also add :81 to all the links so that you can see the output from the new server)

    After a little bit of digging out, I’ve tried to wget some of the non-working pages and I’ve found out that it cracks right before the sytlesheet link in the header.

    This is not a “how-to-set-up-servers” forum.
    We do not deal with server issues. Try to seek help in a specialized forum.

    As I suspected, the culprit was a plugin. WP Hashcash 3.0 to be more precise:) I’ve disabled it and all works now 😀

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