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  • Hello everyone.

    I am new to using wordpress and need some help.I am currently setting up a theme called ‘an ordinary theme’. My question has to do with the menu bar below the picture.

    Currently there are links titled ‘pages-latest pages-categories-archieves’. What I would like to do with the site is add another section in the menu bar that acts just like ‘pages’. For we can call it ‘pages2’. Pages1 would have tournament listing, about, main, etc.. Then in ‘pages2’ I would address all the rules, divisions etc…

    I would like to the sections ‘lastest posts’ & ‘archieves’ and just do the above. Ca

    Can anyone help me do something like this or is this even possible? Thanks 🙂


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  • Are you using a custom menu (i.e. configured via Dashboard -> Appearance -> Menus)?

    If so, simply put the Pages in whatever order you want.

    If you want to style different Menu items differently, you can add custom CSS classes:

    Screen Options -> Show Advanced Menu Properties -> click “CSS Classes”

    Then, you can add CSS classes to each menu item.

    Hi Chip,

    I’ve played around with the custom menu option and this time I clicked the ‘CSS Classes’ and when I save them there is no change on the website. I guess I’m confused because the wp admin only has 1 option for ‘pages’ on the left side of the screen.

    Did you add any custom CSS classes to the menu items?

    Did you define those CSS classes in your style.css?

    I’m not sure I understand how to do that? Is there a specific code to use or will wp auto place the code for me?

    Once you’ve enabled custom CSS classes, you need to edit each menu item, and add a CSS class in the appropriate form field.

    Then, you need to define that CSS class in your Theme stylesheet (style.css).

    Ok when I edit the menu items is there a specific file they are in like ‘transition’ or ‘page’.
    Thanks for all the help Chip I appreciate it!

    What do you mean by “specific file they are in”?

    Where do you edit the menu?

    Where do you edit the menu?

    Dashboard -> Appearance -> Menus

    Yes I know where that section is located and I have added 2 new menus with pages. I also have found the ‘CSS Classes (optional)’ but am not sure what to put there?

    I believe that is where I’m lost. I’ve tried a couple of different things from what I was reading about css but nothing is working.

    Put whatever you want there – but then you have to define the style for that class, in your style.css file.

    For example, you could use the class “pages1”, then in style.css:

    .pages1 {
         /* style definitions for the .pages1 class go here */

    Ok I think I understand. So whatever I title the new menu I news to define then in the CSS with the same name as the menu, right?

    CAn I change the names in the current menu to the updated ones?

    Not the Title, but rather the custom CSS class.

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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