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    Every single “Page” I have created has previously worked fine. I can create new Pages. Now, and without any changes to page.php or anything else, all of the Page links are returning 404 errors.

    What happened? What repair is needed? How can this be prevented in the future?

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  • Strike that … ALL internal links now return 404 errors. Nothing has changed on the backend except for a recent installation of Gallery2 plugin. However, even when deactivated, 404 errors persist. Using Gallery2 plugin requires a Gallery URL Rewrite plugin that I have since also deactivated, but the 404 errors persist.

    requires a Gallery URL Rewrite plugin

    which means your rewrite rules were over-written, so you need to reset your permalinks.

    Whew! Does this imply a bug in the Gallery2 URL Rewrite Module, or a problem with my overall Gallery install?

    I’ll admit to using the Gallery plugin within WordPress installed in the domain _pointer_ The Gallery app install is in the root domain The Gallery plugin validates perfectly, though.

    OK, the problem is not fixed.

    Now the only Permalink structure that works is “Default”. “Date and name based”, “Numeric” and “Custom” return 404 errors.

    How do I reset my permalink structure if it is not done via this interface?

    Using_Permalinks – lots of good info…

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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