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    Hi all,

    I just upgraded to WordPress 2.3, using the auto-upgrade plug-in (which is tremendous), and everything is working great with one exception–on the bottom of each page, I get this:

    Pages (999999): [1] 2 3 ยป … Last>>

    If I click on a specific page in that list it goes to it just fine, but if I click on “Last” it gives me a Page Not Found error page since my site is obviously nowhere near 999999 pages long. Does anyone have any ideas?


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    Any thoughts on this?

    Last try…does anyone have a fix for this?

    Obviously, the plugin that you are using for displaying that “thing” is not compatible with WP 2.3.
    Did you check if there is a newer version of it? Or one that might work? Only YOU can have the fix.

    Well, the auto upgrade plug-in had a new version for compatibility with 2.31 which I have installed, so I doubt very much that has anything to do with it. I have also updated and upgraded all of my plugins. Moreover, deactivating all plugins still leads to the same problem at the bottom of the page of my site. I have no idea how I could “have the fix,” or I obviously would have applied it before coming here, searching, and finally asking for assistance. Again, any suggestions for things to try, or places to look, would be much appreciated.

    Moreover, deactivating all plugins still leads to the same problem at the bottom of the page of my site.

    Very unlikely, since such display of paged posts is not a built-in WP feature.

    So, it is either the plugin or that stuff is part of your theme.
    If the paging plugin is deactivated and you switch to the default theme – do you still have that 99999?
    Any kind of caching active?

    what version of wp-pagenavi you are using?

    Hmm. I’m using the Yaletown theme, but I have used that since the beginning and did not have the page number issue until I upgraded to 2.3 (and the same problem is there with 2.31, by the way)…I’ll try switching themes and seeing what happens. I do not have any caching active, unless that is activated by default in 2.31. GamerZ: where can I find what wp-pagenavi version I’m using?

    Thanks for the continuing assistance!

    in the plugins page? or just get the latest here

    Hey GamerZ–sorry for the delay in response, but due to real life concerns I didn’t have time to work with this 999999 issue for a while. Looking now, I found that I actually did not have your plugin installed (in fact I didn’t have any paging plugin installed)–I tried it, and found that your plugin seems to work fine. However, the other issue still remains…so I guess I’m kind of back to the drawing board?

    hmmm I thought only my plugin produces something like the Pages(99999) problem

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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