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  • I’ve noticed a problem in the WP 1.5 Control Panel for editing already-created pages. The Tabbed interface does not reflect what’s going on in the main editing area below.

    How to see the problem:
    When on an existing Page, click the Edit This link.
    WP changes to Control Panel view.
    But!!! the WP control panel does not go to Write > Pages, but to Write > Posts. The h2 title of the editing area *does* say Write Page, and the contents are for pages, but the tabbed UI at the top does not. Very confusing, that.

    I’m using Pages to make a site w/ many “static” pages. (The time-based webloggy stuff to come during phase 2 of the site.) Later today, I’m going to go over with client how to begin adding content to the site on various pages, and after carefully telling her about “now that I upgraded the site, we’ll be using pages” I will explain to her “this little bit of the software is broken.”

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  • Heh, I was just trying to describe the same behaviour… 🙂
    Plus, at the bottom of the page it shows the Post preview panel with the “Filed under: Uncategorized” link! Though we all know Pages are not categorized.

    Right. What you said. I knew there was something else extremely odd about it. But couldn’t remember what. Thanks for pointing it out.

    Already reported in Mosquito by Ryan Duff:

    The rest of the fields appear to be for editing pages though…

    While we’re on the subject, the button “edit page” should probably read “save page.” My page is filed under the default category.

    The “edit page” is just that . There is no save function. I had to delete a page and recreate it. Pasted plain text. Still generating horizonal lines between paragraphs!!!!!!

    Just what is this crap? Where is the code review?

    I am getting very weird behavior. I can’t get rid of horizonal line after each paragraph.

    I am very disapointed in Word Press. I thought this was an robust blog sw. Are all of you real tech heads? I have a client I am trying to set up with this . The users need to have a painless experience posting, and this so far as been anthing but.

    I am wasting alot of time trying to get something to work that I thought would have been refined by now 1.5.1 version. Using IE6 and FireFox.

    The editor is also very primitive. For end users(and myself) I want a Typepad like editor. I installed WYSIWYG Plugin for WordPress but it works very slow on my PC(only 400mhz)
    and very buggy code. Doesn’t even work in IE only FIrefox. How come there is not a font selector or default font size selector.

    Development resourses should be going to upgrading the editing and posting experience first.

    This really pisses me off. Now I ‘m in a bind with my client and don’t know if I should just junk this beta ware.

    The reason I chose WP in the first place was for the pages feature.
    I wouldn’t mind paying a nominal amount for WP I just need the basic feature to be robust.

    Niyamas, any URL that you can share so the problem with the horizontal lines can be seen?

    Guess you’re using WordPress

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