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  1. snookie
    Posted 8 years ago #

    my website is http://www.area-77.com
    my blog is at http://www.area-77.com/blog
    i have other "pages" too like http://www.area-77.com/cartoons

    the main domain and the cartoons page i created manually by copy and pasting the theme's html codes..

    everytime i want to change the blog's theme, i have to go back to the other pages and change the html codes manually..

    is there a way for me to use the WordPress Pages function to just create a page in the dashboard and have all the pages (main domain, cartoons, etc.) update automatically when i edit the blog's theme?

    i discovered that this might be possible when i was trying to use the Clean Archives plugin by Shawn Grimes.. i wanted to have my blog posts archived in a seperate page as http://www.area-77.com/archives

    i tried searching online and i kept getting lost deeper and deeper in php, permalinks, other plugins, meta and all kinds of things..

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