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  • Whether I’m logged out and just viewing my site, logged in and just viewing my site, logged in and moving around the admin interface, whatever, very frequently now, any WordPress-based web page I try to load will freeze before it’s fully loaded. It’s a dead end. I can’t edit most of my posts, and they need editing. This seems a real problem, and I wonder if other visitors are experiencing it, too.

    I’m not positive, but I don’t think this was happening before I upgraded to 2.1. I just upgraded to 2.1.1 hoping that these issues might be fixed, but they were not.

    Inside the admin area, things just freeze and fail to move forward properly. When trying to load the actual site’s pages, I will often, after the freeze, get this error:

    Safari can’t open the page “”. The error was: “lost network connection” (NSURLErrorDomain:-1005) Please choose Report Bug to Apple from the Safari menu, note the error number, and describe what you did before you saw this message.

    I looked around the web about this, and the evidence suggests that it’s not a browser issue, that the people who were having this happen had the same issue on other browsers, and that it may be an Apache issue at the server. I’ve been in touch with my ISP, and they tried something, but it didn’t help, and they don’t seem to have any other ideas.

    I really need some help here. Any ideas?

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  • I should have mentioned that I powered up my Windows machine and tried to view the site and use the admin interface with IE under Windows. I experienced the same problems. I didn’t get the identical error message, but a comparable one. So the problem is not only not isolated to the Safari browser, it’s also not isolated to the Mac OS. I’m not saying it’s a WordPress problem per se, but it’s a problem, ongoing, and I’d like to track down a resolution.

    Some more info to help zero in. I looked in the activity monitor in Safari to see exactly what was loading and where the freeze happens. Each time, it happens with an item called:{xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx}

    …where all those x’s are hexadecimal numbers, and it’s always the same numbers each time. A few searches have turned up nothing on this “res” thing, and that’s why I’ve put x’s here — I have no idea if it would be a security breach of some kind for me to post the actual number.

    In any case, here’s what else I have tracked down about this:

    1) It sometimes loads just fine and sometimes doesn’t.

    2) It is a shorter URL than a number of other items which load just fine every time.

    3) It is present in every webpage I’ve tried to load when viewing my website as a normal visitor — it’s in posts, pages, archives, etc.

    4) Within the admin interface, it appears to be present only when I bring up an edit-post or edit-page screen, and it’s because it’s present in the Preview. In other words, this just traces it right back to what I said in #3 above — it appears that it is only called upon by pages that would be viewed by an end user, and nothing else from the admin interface.

    Items 1 & 2 further refute the notion that it is a Mac OS problem that has something to do with long URLs. Clearly, there is something very particular up with this res item with this particular code, and clearly whatever is up, it’s inconsistent since it does load just fine sometimes.

    I hope this is enough to get someone to be able to help me!

    A little more poking around. I found out that the strange /?res= address is a reference to a sidebar graphic that shows I have an XML sitemap. I suppose I should have remembered that I added that it. I took that out, but after a few attempts at loading posts again, I was able to replicate the freeze situation. Two times, it froze while the activity monitor showed that it was simply trying to load the permalink URL itself. And those very posts had loaded moments before. So it’s definitely not about long URLs, probably not OS X based on the other evidence, and it seems to not be isolated to any particular item that is being loaded. It just, well, seems to happen sometimes, and no explanation seems forthcoming. Ideas?

    I poked around a bit and didn’t have any trouble. I think it might be something that is affecting you locally. Do you use a firewall that might be having problems for some reason? Do you have freezes at other sites? Might it be your ISP?

    So far, I don’t believe I have freezes at other sites. I’m running the Mac OS X firewall only, and I haven’t changed anything with that in many months, and this problem only started within the last few weeks.

    I agree, based on some of the stuff I found online, that it might be the ISP, but I pointed them to the appropriate pages about this and they haven’t been able to figure anything out, like I said in my first post above. So if it may be the ISP, advice on just what it might be, just what to look for, would be great.

    I am experiencing some MAJOR freezing issues. I removed all of my google ads from the site and it’s still freezing. There are no noticeable errors in the script. I am noticing however, that in IE7 the pages load fast, at first Firefox was just as quick but something has happened and I can’t seem to retrace the start of the issue. Anyone experience the same problems?

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