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  • Is there a hack/plugin to allow Pages to be associated with categories. I have quite a number of articles on my site relating to different part of the game development industry (publishing, development, hardware, design etc). I really want people to be able to sort them by category – any chance?

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  • The whole idea of being able to write Pages (and the zillion requests for it from users) was exactly to have pages that are NOT in the stream of chronology and/or categories.

    I don’t want them in the stream of chronology. I just want them to show up in a list (along with any relevant blog posts) when visitors select a category.

    The articles/pages are on the same subject as posts will be. There will be articles/pages related to development and posts also related to development (and publishing and hardware etc). A visitor looking for development related info would be able to sort blog entries but would manually have to search all the pages as they wouldn’t show.

    There is no categories for Pages. The most you can get: if you don’t have a page.php template, WP will use the index.php to display pages with a category link, BUT all of the Pages will be in the default category. So it won’t do what you want.

    someone is working on a plugin to do this I think. I just need to find the post/blog….

    here is the post I was thinking of, but I was mistaken, he considered hacking it to allow pages to be in different categories…

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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