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    Check this out, the pager doesn’t show up in numerical order, it shows up “2 1” instead of “1 2”. Any idea what’s going on here? Looks like a bug.

    It would be really nice to be able to simply extend the number of visible entries, rather than them being stuck at 5.

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    Hi @rgenck,

    Sorry that you ran into issues here!

    Sounds like you might have a conflict on your hands. I’d suggest a conflict test to start with to see where the problem lies. Here is an article about how to test for theme and plugin conflicts with Business Directory, which may help pinpoint the issue:

    If that’s not it, do you have WP-PageNavi installed? We integrate with that for the best possible pagination behavior in the directory. I’d strongly recommend installing that with BD if you want pagination.

    Try that and report back on what you find.

    Thanks! I’m fairly new to WordPress, a lot more practiced on Drupal, so that post helped.

    Looks like it’s a theme conflict, I figured that was easier to check and it came up right away. All my posts are now visible when I disable the theme, so it’s not a bug after all.

    Do you have any tips for clearing up this theme conflict? I love this module, I hope my theme didn’t make it unusable for me…

    Also, is there any way to rename the word, “Listing” to something like “Coaches” so it says, “Search Coaches”?

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    Hi @rgenck,

    Business Directory Plugin will work with any well-written, WP 4.x compliant theme. Generally speaking, paid themes tend to be higher quality than free ones, so we don’t recommend those. Not sure what theme you have, but we have some ways to determine if your theme is one worth sticking with.

    Whatever theme you pick, we recommend using the Theme Check plugin (available for free on to validate how WordPress-compliant that theme actually is. The more errors and warnings you see on the theme when you run that check, the worse the theme is. You can read more about it here:

    (This plugin was developed by WP Core developers to validate their own default themes and is highly respected in the theme community)

    In general, we like WooThemes as a solid company with great products and support. You can check them out here: Or StudioPress:​​

    Any string or label in the application can be modified with a translation file to be whatever you want it to be. We have full instructions on how to do that here:

    My theme is a child theme of Divi, that’s a well established paid theme, so it should be working, right?

    I did notice a lot of errors coming up when I did a theme check, like over 400 Warnings, plus multiple recommended changes to the code. Do I really need to go through all of these and fix them just to get the pager working? Shouldn’t the Divi theme not have these errors?

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    Hi @rgenck,

    Shouldn’t the Divi theme not have these errors?

    Honestly, that’s a question you should ask them. Even as a well-established, paid theme, that still doesn’t exclude Divi from being a source of a conflict, as you already noted by running Theme Check. It’s an immensely complex theme with some crazy, non-standard things it tries to do in order to render things the way it does. That causes problems, unfortunately.

    One other thing you can try is compatibility mode, to turn this on, go to Directory Admin->Manage Options, General tab, “Disable Advanced CPT Integration?” and check the box next to that.

    That may help, but again, I’d still recommend the WP-PageNavi plugin to handle this.

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