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  • Ok, I’ve recently launched my new site using a purchased news/magazine theme. Everything was working fine but suddenly, I have a HUGE issue and wondering if anyone can help me.

    The site was working fine earlier today, then I went to preview a new post and noticed that the entry content from all posts/pages is missing!

    The titles, tags area, featured image (which appears above the post/page content), author bio and comments are fine, but the entries on all pages/posts are missing. All content is there in the dashboard however, so I haven’t lost my entries, but it seems to not be showing up.

    So, it seems like it’s not a database problem; I haven’t modified any of the theme files after some initial design changes, but it was working fine even with those. Same with plugins – I didn’t add anything after things went haywire.

    My site is here:

    Any immediate suggestions would be appreciated… I’ve just launched this site to the public and obviously i’d like to get things sorted out asap.

    I’d like to avoid having to re-do my slight alterations to the theme etc. – is there any way I can re-install WordPress or something that may fix this?? Again, everything seems fine other than the entry content is not being placed into the final web page.

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  • Also, I just tried the default theme – same issue. I’m going to try working through my web host to re-install WP or something….

    I’ll post my progress – until then please chime in if you have suggestions.

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    have you tried deactivating plugins to see if that resolve the issue? If it does, then activate them one-by-one to find out the cause of the issue.


    Ok, here was the issue. Long story short, yes, it was a plugin.

    I had a plugin called ‘upcoming events’ that caused the issue. I didn’t just add this plugin which is why I didn’t think it was a plugin issue.

    The date changed from Sep. 25 to 26 and the last remaining event on the ‘upcoming events’ list disappeared, triggering this problem. Once I either disabled that plugin OR added new upcoming events(s), everything was ok.

    Thanks for responding. Yep, first thing you should do is deactivate all plugins – everything worked fine when I did that so I instantly realized it was a plugin and then went through the list.

    thanks, resolved.

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    you are welcome.

    Can anyone help me please. My website was working just fine last night but this morning I went to log in and noticed that all of my post and page content is missing. It doesn’t appear to be a hack as I can see everything in my sidebars. Any help would b greatly appreciated. My website is (educational helmet awareness campaign). I am not very tech savvy so need stuff explaining simply. THANKS! PS. I have not added any new plugs-in for several weeks.

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