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  • Using WP UI Manuel Widget in sidebar to show 2 spoilers at One for child pages of current page; one for sibling pages but wanted to show the page name in the spoiler title instead of just saying “child pages” and “sibling pages” since this is a genealogy site and those words might lead users to think it referred to children and siblings of the ancestor the page was about. I’m not a PHP programer and it took a while to figure it out but finally did.
    Added just 5 lines to wp-ui.php. Only problem will have to make the changes again when next upgrade occurs. Any one know a way to do this outside of wp-ui.php? Don’t know if anyone else would want to use it but maybe Kav could just added it to the next upgrade
    This is what the change looks like:

    function sc_wpspoiler( $atts, $content = null ) {
    $currentpage = get_post();
    $thispage = $currentpage->post_title;
    $thispageparent = get_the_title($currentpage->post_parent);
    		extract( shortcode_atts( array(
    				'name'		=>	'Show Content',
    				'_id'		=>	false,
    				'style'		=>	$this->options['tab_scheme'],
    				'fade'		=>	'true',
    				'slide'		=>	'true',
    				'speed'		=>	false,
    				'closebtn'	=>	false,
    				'showtext'	=>	false,
    				'hidetext'	=>	false,
    				'open'		=>	'false',
    				'post'		=>	'',
    				'page'		=>	'',
    				'elength'	=>	$this->options['excerpt_length'],
    				'before_post'	=>	'',
    				'after_post'	=>	'',
    				'template'	=>	'2',
    				'background'=>	'true'
    			), $atts));
    		$name = str_ireplace( '{$thispageparent}', $thispageparent, $name );
    		$name = str_ireplace( '{$thispage}', $thispage, $name );

    And then used “$thispage} section contents:” and “Also in the {$thispageparent} section:” as titles for the spoilers.
    You can see the results here.
    NOTE: I originally had all 5 lines where the bottom 2 are but for a reason i don’t understand $thispageparent was being set to the current page title, not it’s parent. Moving the first 3 lines to their current position fixed that problem.

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