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    I have a main site, with WP MS installed using subdomains. I have set up two other sites,, and All three are showing in my Network admin, and I can get to the dashboards of each of sites to edit that site. The URL’s using subdomains go to the proper site.

    I own the domain names and, and would like to use domain mapping to map those URL’s to the subdomains, or map the subdomains to go to those URL’s – whichever way you put it so that when a user types in, the site that is seen is

    The A record of all 3 domains is the A record belonging to and the A records for show restaurant1 and restaurant2

    If I try to map, when I type in the URL for, I get page OK on a blank page. Using the subdomain URL works. What am I doing wrong?

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  • Sue


    OK – I have this resolved. What a process…. but it’s all working, almost.

    What worked – or is working at the moment…

    I went to the cpanel of and, and parked those domains.
    Then I went to the cpanel of (the main site and the network install of WP) and added the two parked domains, in addition to the 2 subdomains.

    Once those had resolved and all the “pending changes” messages were gone, I went to the Network Admin, Sites panel of the main dashboard, and I had three sites listed –, restaurant1 and restaurant2, no mapping listed. I went into the Dashboard of restaurant1, Tools>>Domain mapping, and added the URL as primary for that blog. Ditto for And now all seems to be working as I expected.

    The only glitch is that not all the images are showing; but that’s for another post.

    Hi. I am also facing similar problem. But in my case I am not using sub-domains. My site structure is like this;

    Do I still have to create new domains in’s cpanel?

    I’ve created A record in but the pageok error is coming. By the way, i have also created CNAME record for pointing to

    How do I troubleshoot this problem of “pageok” error?

    I ended up calling my hosting service; I was trying to make too many changes at once, without giving the sub domains and mapping time to “propagate” fully, before deciding it wasn’t working and trying something else.

    They reset everything, told me what changes to make, and then give it 24 hours before changing anything again!! Also, I used subdomains, created them at for restaurant2 and restaurant3. Then pointed the domains and to the IP for I also used the domain mapping plugin.

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