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  • Sandre


    Hi guys!

    First off, great plugin! I’ve encountered one problem though, this is because i use another plugin called map categories to pages. This allowes me to create pages which will show me posts from certain categories.

    The problem is that the wp_pagenavi div is shown op top of the page, but I want to show it below the content. On page2 etc. it is shown correct, however on page 1 it doesnt. (the follow up pages like page2/page3 etc. are handled in category.php whilst page1 is handled in map-categories-to-pages.php and is hooked in page.php).

    What I’ve figured out is that al long as wp_pagenavi is called after the entry-content div it will show below the content. If it is called before the entry-content div is closed it will show on top.

    With the map categories to page plugin I cannot place the code after the entry-content div. So, my question is, how can I get the pagenavi to show below the content while it is placed before the entry-content div is closed?

    The standard WP navigation is shown below the content, where the pagenavi is shown on top of the content. This is the code:

    $content.='<div class="alignleft">
                  '. wp_pagenavi() .'
    			<div class="alignright">
                  '.get_next_posts_link() .'

    Here is the page where it goes wrong.

    Also if i place it inside a div (like alignleft), the alignleft div appears below the content, while the wp_pagenavi will appear on top of the page.

    Sorry for the long story!

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