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  • Hi,
    Suddently my wordpress was all wrong, and my theme was dissapeared and a new and wrong theme was there instead and my webpage suddently was a total mess 🙁

    I used pagelines, and when I went to themes it said the theme was installes but it needs a style sheet and template. But the problem for me is, that there isn’t any help on what to do, how to fix it and get my webpage running again.
    I think it happened when I updated wordpress, but i’m not sure.

    Can you please help me? I’m realy depending on my webpage and its so frustrating not being able to fix it.

    Best wishes,

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  • Is there anyway I can get pagelines to function again or is there maybe a similar theme I can use? Because right now I’m using twenty eleven as a emergency solution, but all my widgets, pictures, videos, boxes and everything is just gone, and everything is a mess. Is there a theme I can use instead of pagelines that will make my webpage functioning again?
    -but hopefully you can tell me how to fix my pagelines theme and get everything back to normal.
    Please help!

    Simon Prosser


    Theme Review Admin

    Well its a bit diffecult to diagnose a theme when your switching themes all the time, 15 mins ago your using 2011, i just clicked now your using a cyberchimps theme.

    PageLines has a free support forum you could post there, the signup link is in the wp-admin pagelines settings area.

    Sorry, I just got frustrated and tried myself finding a theme resembling pagelines and getting my webpage to function just a bit more.

    I cant find the support forum the way you mention, because I cant find any pagelines settins area, I cant really do anything with pagelines. When I go to themes, pagelines is there, but I cant press anyting, it just says it’s missing a style sheet and template, i cant chose the theme, i cant delete it, i cant do anything :/

    When I go to themes, pagelines is not under present theme, not in available themes, but under destroyed themes :/

    Simon Prosser


    Theme Review Admin

    Well if its ‘destroyed’ as you put it then you must have deleted some or all of the files, wordpress needs a style.css file to get the theme name and other information.

    I would suggest using FTP and delete the old pagelines folder, then under install themes re-install it.

    Check your users see if you have any admins that should not be there.

    I haven’t detroyed anything, I’m quite sure, all i have done is updating the wordpress version, and after that everything was all strange and pagelines destroyed.

    I’m not very good with techical terms, and I recall something about FTP, but I’m not sure at all what exatly…. is it at my webhotel, surftown, right?

    Thank you so much for helping me!

    Simon Prosser


    Theme Review Admin

    Your host will probably have some sort of control panel, they will be able to help you.

    Thank you so much for your help, I’ll write them for help 🙂

    I did what you said, but after I deleted the old pagelinesfolder using FTP, I’m not able to search themes in wordpress anymore. I go to install themes -> search, and it says ” unexpected failure, maybe something is wrong with or this servers settings. If you continue having problems, got o the support forums”
    So here I am, again, I’m afraid :/
    Did I do something wrong?

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