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page/2/ is adding something

  • Well, after about a week straight of trying every possible permalink fix I decided to try and go with a completely new wordpress install, redirect my database, upgrade, redo, etc etc etc. I am using netfirms by the by.

    Anyway, so everything is restructure and I am redirecting the domain name http://www.sportnique.com to my old database.

    It didn’t fix the problem, no next page or previous page links work with permalinks. But I do know what is causing or think I know what is causing the problem.Here goes quick explain.

    The main problem is that the next page link adds the directory names before page/2/ eventhough everythign is set up correctly to forward the domain name to the correct folders (such as wordpress and blog uri as well as teh domain forwarding address) it places /this/nfblog before page/2/ such as http://www.sportnique.com/this/nfblog/page/2/

    or http://www.sportnique.com/this/nfblog/category/4-minute-mile/page/2/

    where if it just said http://www.sportnique.com/page/2/ for the main post page
    it would work I can’t seem to rid myself of the this/nfblog

    Note this also happens within my admin page going back to previous posts.


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  • also a problem with previous
    previous is displayed as



    so on previous not only does it add this/nfblog but also index.php


    please help someone?

    Is it the same if you switch to the default or classic theme?

    Yup same thing?

    Tried a few other themes but same thing.

    We already went through this 2 days ago, didn’t we?
    If you still have this setup in the Options:
    it will never work.
    They should be 2 complete URIs. However, if you have WP installed at example.com/blog but you want to show it at example.com – you should read this http://wordpress.org/docs/installation/different-address/
    before asking any further questions.

    No it’s different than that post, I got rid of the index.shtml completely. Learned a lot though and went through multiple reinstalls.

    Now I have what should be within the blog address and wordpress as follows

    WordPress Address URI = http://erikvossman.netfirms.com/this/nfblog
    Blog Address URI = http://www.sportnique.com

    The blog Address URI directs it to sportnique which within my domain forwarding structure I have going to /this/nfblog/

    Therefore with that my assumptions are that the domain forwarding should take care of it and I shoudl never see /this/nfblog/ as long as blog address directs to sportnique.com.

    That won’t work like that.

    Edit. You have to make the redirect independent from those two uris. Typing manually this
    works, but if I try from
    to click on Prev. posts > it goes to that other domain.
    So, I am sure the problem is with your two different URIs in the Options.

    Thanks for trying, it actually should work like that from all the threads that I have read within this support forum.

    I did get it to work. Actually I should say my friend got it to work. He just did a php write-around on the not so good permalink commands, and link structure commands.

    Works like a charm now

    By the way I tried every single possible combination of uri’s and none of them worked so I am sure it isn’t a problem with the two different URI’s

    Thanks for trying.


    Evossman, would it be possible for you to let me know what “php write-around on the not so good permalink commands, and link structure commands” your friend did for you? My buddy and I are having the exact same problem as you and Netfirms is being less-than-helpful.


    Yes here here. What’s the PHP work around? This problem seems to be occuring in subdomains set up as such: domain.com/username or domain.com/~username, where the username is being duplicated…

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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