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  • yazin


    Hi, I’m working on a new template and have a css related problem.

    I have a pagewrapper (everything falls within) div starting right after <body> tag and ending right before </body> tag. My aim was to have everything inside that div and everything was good till I started my content div(right after my header). It’s sticking out of the pagewrapper div, which technically (content div is within the pagewrapper div) shouldn’t happen.

    There is probably an adjustment i can make in my style.ccs to fix this.

    I can set the height of pagewrapper to a certain point to cover everything in the page, but the page length isn’t always the same.

    Can anyone help?

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  • stvwlf


    What you are describing can occur when there are uncleared floats within a Div. If you have a footer section as the last Div within the pagewrap, try putting either a float: left or a clear: both on the footer div.
    Or whatever the last contained Div is.

    Arnold Goodway


    If the above mentioned advice does not work on its own, you can also try adding overflow:hidden or overflow:auto to the pagewrapper div. Do not ask me why this works but it does somehow remind the outer div that there are other floated divs inside it and this forces it to wrap itself around these other divs.

    Thank you! I was in need of some help with similar wrapper issues.

    I placed the above suggested “clear:both” as well as the “overflow:hidden” in the stylesheet css for the footer and the wrapper, respectively.

    Using both was necessary for me to fix the problem.

    Thank you so much!

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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