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    When I right my post and I put paragraphs it looks fine in the editor but when I go to preview or even post the blog my paragraphs don’t show up.

    For example.

    This is a paragraph

    The is another paragraph

    /// it shows up as

    This is a paragraph
    The is another paragraph

    My blog address is

    Thanks a bunch

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  • Are you using the raw HTML or visual editor to do this? Where’s a specific page where you’re seeing the problem? Your site looks just fine to me, but I have also experienced spacing issues and might be able to help out…

    I have tried both, it doesn’t work either way.

    Here is an example:

    Are you adding in codes like <p>paragraph</p> to create paragraphs? If you are, there isn’t a need to add any codes to create paragraphs. You should only need to use the ‘enter’ button on your keyboard to drop your text down to where you want the next paragraph to begin. Does that not work?

    Look at your post from the html side and make sure you don’t have some extra codes added into there. And, if you write your blog posts in a software program prior to pasting into your blog, don’t ever use anything like MS Word because it adds in formatting that you may not see.

    Looking at your post it appears you used the ‘center’ button for your content. Have you tried it without centering the text?

    Not sure otherwise, why your wysiwyg editor or html editor wouldn’t be doing paragraphs, unless your files in the backend are not right.

    I have tried adding code <p>paragraph</P> but this still does not help.

    In the visual editor it should be automatic right? and in the visual editor I can see the break perfectly but when i go to preview or i post the blog it doesn’t have the paragraphs.

    I have tried it with both centring and without

    I have tried adding code <p>paragraph</P> but this still does not help.

    You actually don’t want to use those codes. I was trying to find out if you were and if that was making it problematic.

    Look at the html side of the editor. Is there a space between your paragraphs there?

    In the html editor I have tried using the <p></p> tags and tried not using them.

    In the visual editor I have also just pressed enter/return and still it doesn’t work.

    When I go to the html, the space is there yes but when i got to preview post the space is not there

    So the paragraph space isn’t there when you preview? Did you save the post before you previewed?

    saved posts and none saved post is the same thing 🙁

    no white space

    Just to clarify one more time… When you look at your post on the html editor side, make sure there isn’t any codes between the paragraphs.

    One other thing to rule out is if your template is causing the problem. This could be a template issue. Revert back to the basic and boring ‘default’ template and then test your editor to see if it resolves the issue. If so, then it’s a template issue.

    If it is a template issue, I’m not the one to be able to help you correct the template codes to fix it, but I’m sure someone else could or you would need to select a different template.

    Hey no worries, I read some other posts and tried my luck with this code

    // margin-top: 1.3em;

    and put it in my css file for

    .entry p

    and that has worked a wonder for me!

    Tanks for your help anyway.
    God bless xxx

    That’s great that you resolved your challenge!

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