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    I’ve got a client who has a page that is a child under a parent page that, when you try and navigate to it, throws you to the home page. Other child pages work fine.

    I’ve tried everything and am now looking for guidance.

    The page slug is “chicago”. There is a tag with the same slug but flipping that to “chicago-tag” didn’t do anything, which it shouldn’t have since the current record is a page and not a post.

    When I look at the network traffic in Firebug I see the page coming back as a 307 temporary redirect and then am sent to the main domain. When I try and go to the specific page (?page_id=) I see the 301 pushing to the pretty permalink and then, again, the 307 and the homepage with a 200.

    If I change the slug on the page to something else it works fine. So, where can this redirect be hiding? It’s not in the .htaccess and I’ve disabled all plugins (on my local instance). I’ve also saved the Permalinks settings to try and rebuild that.

    The specific page is as follows:


    Note, the other destination guides resolve properly, for example,


    One last note, when I tried going to the tags archive page for the “chicago” tag it also was redirecting, so, I change the tag slug to “chicago-tag”. >= 307

    to >= 200



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  • Do you have a page or post in trash with any combo of above for slugs or titles etc?

    I would not use ‘tag’ as any part of a tag, category, menu item, page/post title etc. and these are best to be unique.

    Delete (including removing from trash) this page/post and recreate after checking above.

    To verify confusion with the rewrite module, temporarily turn off permalinks.

    No posts or pages in the trash outside of an About page with nothing similar.

    Yeah, the “-tag” is just temporary.

    Deleted and re-entered the Page with no change.

    Permalink setting is “Month and name”. As expected, setting this to “Default” and hitting the page does work as it doesn’t try doing any redirects.

    Going back to “Month and “name” permalink setting results in same issue.

    Thanks for the try. Anyone else?

    … okay, did a little more looking at .htaccess

    While nothing there stood out, I realized that disabling the WP Traffic Tools plugin did NOT remove the code from .htaccess. When I deleted the entry there things were happy again! I’ll reach out to them to let them know of the issue. The problem appears they wildcarded the link such that if it ends in “go” it will redirect. Oops.

    Thanks again for the quick reply.



    Many plugins are not written properly for rewrite rules (among many other things)…use only well trusted, well downloaded, and well supported plugins.

    This is a reasonably priced premium plugin, and the developer has been good at responding when issues have been encountered, so, I’m sure I’ll get a solution soon. Think it is one of those oversights where one didn’t think through the ramifications of a given configuration. Something I’ve never done. :o)

    Thanks again

    I suggest using a child theme and be done with so called premium themes and poorly written and usually then un-required plugins.

    Actually, the theme is a child theme I wrote off of the original premium theme, which I agree is a bit clunky and bloated but…. The plugin is used for Ad management and not likely something my client is going to want me to code. But I hear ya to some extent. I’m still going to use plugins myself for such things as SEO, caching… because it is cheaper and if one is careful with the source this is often a good way to go. With regard to themes, I do prefer to be purely custom or child it off Twenty Ten or Twenty Eleven. Not much for frameworks.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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