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  • I have been looking at WP for a few weeks but haven’t found a solution to my problem in the help or here on the forums.

    I’d like a page or tree of pages (not posts) to only be visible on the site when users are logged in. But if I make a page visibility:private it never shows on the main site whether I am logged in or not 🙁 Is this a bug? The private page can be previewed from the admin screens but if it is never visible on the main site then there’s no big difference between a “draft” and a “visibility:private” page.

    Chris R.

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  • I have the same problem with WordPress 2.7.1.
    I made a page ‘private’ and it never shows up on my site. Even when I log in as admin.

    I hope there is a solution for this.


    Same problem here. any fix yet?

    I can get to a private page if I know the URL, but it doesn’t appear in the navigation, even when I’m logged in. That isn’t right, is it?



    Still no help/fix/solution? I have same problem!
    PS: I am using WordPress 2.8.4.

    Well it seems this problem is still here on the latest version of wordpress v 2.8.6

    Any fixes yet?

    I’m pretty sur ethat’s the way private pages are supposed to function.

    To get the functionality you want, you’d have to create some kind of page template with code to only display the pages to users who are logged in, then apply that template to the pages you want hidden.

    someone else would actually have to help with coding that…..not my strength

    Thanks RVoodoo, however it is a function within wp’s control panel. No mention of special templates etc. I have infact tried it on several different installs of WP, with different templates, and it always does the same thing. It just seems to be broken. It would be fantastic to get this issue sorted out, however, WP just seem to be totally ignoring this, and despite many hours of research, I can’t seem to find any mention of how to get this to work etc.

    I have a page which is public and published. The link does work, but it just disappeared from the navigation bar the next day. I edited it, reset everything, but it’s still hidden.

    Is there any way to fix it? I even have no idea about how it happened.

    This is my problem in 2.9. I publish a page as private and it will not appear anywhere except in the admin section.

    This certainly isn’t what is implied by the description of private, which is supposed to be visible to logged in members with authorization. (I’m using Capability Manager to give specific user roles access to private posts/pages.)

    It won’t even appear when I’m logged in as admin and viewing the site.

    Am I doing something wrong, or do I not understand how private pages function?

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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