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  • I’m wondering which is preferable – longer pages with a great deal of relevant content or page breaks with multiple pages of reasonable length, whatever that means. I’d probably not want my users to do too much scrolling so 500 words per page might be fine before breaking. I do have a very long side bar (it has all my categories broken out, good for SEO and for navigation) at the moment so I can accommodate very long articles.

    While the “link juice” might be higher with individual articles, I’m wondering if having more pages in a search engine is much more valuable. Hoping you guys can give me an idea of strategy here and what I may want to move my wordpress mag towards.

    If you guys do paginate, do you manually paginate or use an autopaginator? What I like about the first option would be something like I had in Joomla, the easily ability to have a heading at the beginning side area which would have the article sections. Then you can manually insert the page breaks. I think I’ve seen a plugin but can’t remember what does this.

    Regarding autopagination, that seems to be so much easier to manage if you could have it autobreak after a certain number of words or at the end of a paragraph at the end of a certain number or words.

    Thanks for all your comments in advance.

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  • Anyone? nobody talking about whether to paginate or to keep long pages? I’ve read a number of articles and there are different views on this subject, some preferring shorter paginated articles (which increases page views, annoys readers, may increase keyword density) others saying that larger non-paginated articles are best (decreases page views, reader prefer to scroll rather than click, increases keyword density if same topic, decreases if too long.)

    Curious to hear opinions as to this.

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