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  • In the past 2 weeks I have experienced a drastic drop in page views, from around 700/day to less than 100, sometimes even under 10! I deactivated a plugin around the time when the drop occurred but have since reactivated it (Wibiya Plugin).
    I have to mention also that my blog has been kind of inactive for a while. Used to post every day and then it went down to once a week and since 1 year only about every other month. I know, shame on me, but I am in the process of reactivating it. Could that be the reason? But why such a sudden, drastic change?
    Is anyone else experiencing something like this? Any ideas or suggestions what I could try?
    Thanks so much!!

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  • Same thing with me and some other blogs I spoke with on Twitter. The impressions decreased rapidly from friday to saturday and still are. In comparision my google analytics data and data from other sources tell me, that the numbers should have been stable.

    I have no suggestions whatsoever could have forced that… 🙁

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