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  • Hi

    I’m attempting to set up a simple CMS using WP for a client. (Reasons I’m using WP? Valid Code and accessibility not present in most OS CMSs)

    I’ve set up a WP blog in the past with little problem but I’d really appreciate a little shove in the right direction please as far as structuring a site using WP.

    There won’t be any Blog element to this site – just “normal” xhtml pages. Is it easier/better to use WP pages to do this or should I be using WP Posts?

    Can I add different sections to a page as I can’t see any way of creating new headings in the wysiwyg editor which would comply with the CSS styles I’ve written.

    Sorry to be so thick! I’ve been reading for about 3 days on the topic and I’m a bit overloading with conflicting advice.

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  • skippy



    You can use WordPress to do all sorts of things. You may need a plugin or two to accomplish what you want, though.

    For CMS stuff, see here and here.

    Those links are absolutely brilliant! Just what I’d been trawling through Google trying to find!

    Thank you very much skippy – you’re a lifesaver!

    Edit: I had actually found the Semilogic site before but wanted to figure out how to structure a WP CMS site by myself before deciding whether or not to pay up for Semilogic version. The first link was perfect – sorted it all out now (hopefully) -thanks again.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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