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    scheduled posts when published produce a page unreachable error under the fb comments box, when you manually force the fb debugger to scrape the page, the result is no errors and the correct og data. Once the page is manually scraped the unreachable error is removed and the post is g2g.

    why do scheduled posts with perfect og data produce a false unreachable error under the facebook comments?

    if i straight publish a post, and NOT schedule it, there is no unreachable error; the unreachable error only happens on scheduled posts…

    also as of last week, when you click the unreachable error link, it goes to which is a “page not found”… less than a month ago the unreachable link went to the debugger page, so even though this bug was annoying, clicking the unreachable link would fix the post, now you have to manually open the debugger and copy and paste the unreachable url in, adding several more steps to an already annoying process to fix a page that was never broken…


    here is a link to a page with the unreachable issue:

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Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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