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    I’ve got a couple paragraphs of text (with HTML and CSS) that I’d like to include on two pages of my site. This text gets updated on the order of once a month, so I’d rather not have to edit both pages to match each other all the time. If this were a wiki using MediaWiki, it’d be really easy to do that using transclusion.

    Thing is, I can’t find any WordPress plugins that’ll allow me to do that with WordPress. I see a couple macro plugins, but neither lists support for WP 2.7, and text macros are generally much simpler than what I have in mind (and usually don’t need to be changed regularly). I also see a plugin that will transclude metadata for pages/posts, but not the pages/posts themselves.

    Does anyone have the plugin I’m looking for? If not, might some enterprising plugin developer be interested in making it? It seems to be a pretty integral part of using WordPress. It also seems like it should be easy to do – I know I can do it by creating a custom page template with a custom single-post “loop” in it. That’s probably what I’ll end out doing, once I dig through the codex enough to figure out how to do it. But having something a bit more modular would be really helpful for sites that use WP as a CMS.

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  • Here’s some possibilities:

    If one of those work, please report that back here.


    Improved-include-page really seems to fit the bill exactly, though thus far, it’s not working. Once I get it working (assuming it’s jut an example of user error), it’ll be a much better option than doing it via PHP, and I’ll mark this topic as resolved.

    Enzymes is the plugin I mentioned finding. It appears to be for transcluding post metadata, but not post contents (unless I missed something in its usage instructions).

    Thank you

    Improved-include-page plugin does not work for me with 2.8.3.

    I see a fatal PHP error and I see, from the developer’s page, that there are conflicts with NextGen Gallery and others.

    Looking for a replacement.

    The plugin (v0.4.7) is working for me in WP 2.8.3 without any problem. I do remember having to seek out some support to get it working initially, but since I’ve gotten it working, it has continued to do so.

    I’m also using NextGen Gallery. Fortunately, it’s still working, too.

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