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[Resolved] Page Titles

  • Getting back to WP after a while away. How does one remove the page titles from the pages? Also, playing with redesigning the menu display… how is this done? I’m okay with CSS…

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  • Theme Author Chris Reynolds


    To remove the titles just from pages, add this to the custom css:

    .page .h1.the_title {
        display: none;

    As for the menu display, that depends on what you are trying to do with it. The nav menus are in <nav> tags and have the classes .topnav and .mainnav, respectively.

    Thanks for the quick response. Menu info will be useful, again thanks… however that addition to the custom css hasn’t done the job. I’ll continue playing with it, but are there any other ideas?

    Theme Author Chris Reynolds


    There’s a typo in that code. Sorry. It’s not .page .h1.the_title it should be .page h1.the_title.

    Mate, you’re fast! And yes, that worked!!

    Don’t want to bug you, but to save me trolling through the literature, coding to make the page transparent so that my watermark stays visible?


    Theme Author Chris Reynolds


    What specifically are you trying to make transparent?

    The page that sits over the ‘background’ so that the watermark is visible… have a look: http://www.kakauchocolat.com/

    As Chris seems to be busy, in Custom CSS add this;

    .container {
     background: transparent;

    Done and dusted. Great response! Thanks a million guys.

    Final q that will resolve the general theme issue: Which of the ‘borders’ or ‘border-shadow’ do I set to 0 to remove the border around the container? Or what can I do within Custom CSS?

    You set box shadow to none on the container;

    .container {
     box-shadow: none;

    My bad!!! Bad attributing on my behalf… box-shadow takes the value ‘none’, not ‘0’!!! Ah well, one lives and learns!! Thanks a lot.

    Add-on here. I got a ‘theme is broken’ when I go over to the editor, and also my 2 plug-ins deactivated… Logged out, back in, and OK, but 20 minutes later same thing… I’ve reloaded the Museum Core theme but the same thing has just happened… I’ll reload the theme again, but any ideas?

    Add-on #2… just checked my Themes Appearance page… as follows:
    Broken Themes

    The following themes are installed but incomplete. Themes must have a stylesheet and a template.

    Name Description
    attitude Stylesheet is not readable.
    chip-life Stylesheet is not readable.
    museum-core Stylesheet is not readable.
    responsive Stylesheet is not readable.
    twentyeleven Stylesheet is not readable.
    twentytwelve Stylesheet is not readable.

    I think the term is HELP!!

    Theme Author Chris Reynolds


    Are you editing the style.css file or adding the styles to the CSS editor in the theme? You shouldn’t be making changes to the style.css if you can help it. At least, not without creating a child theme. You may just want to deactivate, delete, and reinstall — if that doesn’t take care of the not readable issue(s) then check your server permissions. Obviously it’s not just Core that’s the problem.

    Hadn’t played with the style.css yet, but when I do, as you say, not without having given theme-birth! The last two hours or so have been fine, so a glitch along the way somewhere maybe, though I’ll double check on the server set-up if I have a problem again – it’s GoDaddy, so they should have some knowledge!

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 16 total)
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