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  • Bryan


    I always have trouble with formatting text in word press. I’m trying to create a new page and I want it to look like a typical sales letter with a big bold headline and red font and sub headlines and paragraphs of text… nothing too fancy. I’m able to do that just fine in word or dream weaver but if I try to copy it to WordPress it doesn’t keep the formatting and if I try to write it all in the wordpress editor it doesn’t look the same once I press update.

    Is there anyway to have more control over the format of the text?

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  • You CANNOT – as is clearly stated in a sticky on the first page – paste into WP using Word or any other word processor. It will insert extraneous characters that will fubar your page completely. You have to use – if you insist on writing off line and pasting – a plain text editor like notepad, text pad, edit pad, etc.

    Headlines and assorted other text stylings you mention should be done via your styles.css file. That is what H1, H2, etc are – Headings. You can make a new class in your styles.css and incorporate all the special stylings you want and use that in your posts.

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