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  • I a page on my website which I use to aggregate all of my podcast show notes:

    The blog posts that have the category “podcast” are sent to this page. Up until today I have not added any text to the page itself. I did so today and when I updated the page the text that I added does not appear.

    Basically, when one clicks on the “Podcast” tab in my main nav bar, I would like the Podcast page to come up, showing a couple of paragraphs of introductory text (how to find our podcast, etc), followed by the excerpts for each blog post in the podcast category. I hope this makes sense.

    What am I doing wrong? Is there a setting that I need to change to make this work? Thanks in advance for your help!


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  • Plugin Author Eric Amundson


    Volunteer Moderator

    Hi Larissa,

    Okay, I believe I see the issue and it’s related to permalinks.

    When you’re using Pretty Permalinks, and you create an actual category for posts in WordPress, you’ll automatically get a URL/permalink for that category’s posts.

    In your case you have a category ‘page‘ for podcasts that is at:

    Technically, this isn’t a ‘page’ so much as a view through which your posts are displayed by category. You won’t find it under ‘Pages’ in the WP Admin.

    The content of this page is not being pulled in via Posts in Page – it’s a standard WordPress category or archive view.

    If you’re also using a page called Podcasts (it looks like you’ve got one at, you can end up with problems. Mostly, it’s just confusing, but be careful naming posts and pages using the same ‘slug’ as this can cause issues in some situations.

    So, I’m afraid that the answer for you is either to:

    1. Use Posts in Page on to pull in what you need and add the intro text to that page’s editor above the Posts in Page shortcode, or
    2. Tweak your category page template to have custom text on it.

    Make sense?

    Thanks, Eric, that does make sense! I’m going to go try to resolve it now. I appreciate your help.

    Peace & Veggies,


    Well, I removed the category page from my navigation menu and added the Podcast page which has the posts-in-page code on it:

    For some reason, however, the posts-in-page code isn’t doing what is supposed to; that is, it’s pulling all of my posts into the page, not just the ones from the podcast category. Here’s the code I have on the page: [ic_add_posts category=’category-podcast’].

    Thanks for any help!


    UPDATE: I’ve been messing with this thing most of last night and this morning, and I finally got the shortcode to work, but I had to change the page template. My podcast page was set up on the blog template, which does not work with the Posts-In-Page shortcode. I changed it to the default template, and the shortcode works fine.

    The problem I’m having now is that the formatting on the default template is different from the rest of my pages (post titles are larger and blue instead of black, categories and tags are larger, etc).

    So I guess my question now is, how do I either:

    change the formatting on the default template


    get the shortcode to work on the blog template?

    Here’s the page as it is now, using the default template:

    Sorry to be a pain, but I just don’t understand all of the deep-underneath coding (yet!).

    Thanks so much for your continued help!


Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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