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  • Hello.

    I’ve just installed WordPress 2.5 as part of a client development. Everything is going find except I can’t find where to select ‘Page Templates’?!

    Looking at other posts I know is suppose to appear between Page Parent and Page Order at the bottom of the Page editing page, but it just ain’t there?

    I’ve created the page and inserted the necessary Tags…

    Template Name: Clients

    But still no joy.

    Anyone got any ideas?

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  • Can’t anyone shed any light on this?!

    I really need a fix for this ASAP.

    Are you sure you’re writing a Page and not a Post?

    Also, check that you have the page template in your theme directory and that it is accessible (644 permissions). WordPress will not show the page template box if it cannot find any page templates in the theme.

    Otto. Cheers for getting back to me.

    I’m deffinitly writting a Page and not a Post and I’ve tried all permissions to get it to work but still nothing.

    I’ve been working with WordPress for as long as I can remember and only yesterday I did this exact same thing in 2.3.3. Today in 2.5….nothing.

    I’ve found a few more posts with this problem including this one, but no solutions.

    Well I’ve just re-installed 2.3.3 and now the problem is solved and the Page Templates are working fine!

    Something to look at guys!

    Well, I just decided to try it myself, since I don’t have any templates. I created this one:

    Template Name: Test

    Uploaded it to my theme. Voila, it works fine, the template box appears and shows “Default Template” and “Test”.

    Don’t know what to tell you, but this is not a 2.5 problem.

    Well since I did this I’ve spoken to 3 other people who are long time WordPress users and they have had the exact same problem with 2.5 (and as it happens all went back to 2.3)….

    Same problem for me, long time WP user. Templates works fine in 2.3, but not in 2.5. Checked permissions and so on, nothing…

    same here this is so crazy how huge this is they just overlooked this very basic thing????? help!! rest i like so far MUCH cleaner but dang no page templates!?

    Well, okay, I don’t know what to tell you guys.

    Here’s what I see:

    All I did was to create a test.php file in my theme folder with the content I gave earlier. That’s it. It worked instantly.

    I looked through the code, and the only limitations I see are that the filename must end with “.php” and it must be readable and it must have that “Template Name:” code in it.

    That’s really all I can tell you, it simply works. That functionality has not changed in any major way since 2.3.3. There’s nothing functionally different there.

    ok i’m seeing the template box now ..have no idea how i fixed it but here’s what i did

    ..i created a new page with 2.5 installed ..i copied my template directory uploaded the copy ….. then i deleted a category …

    more stuff seemed to appear on the right column after switching to the copy of my template

    after i deleted a category i went back to the page …and there it is the template drop down list thank thee lord!

    I tried this ^^ and still nothing.

    Same for me. No page templates. Don’t understand…

    Otto, I too am not having any luck at this. Could you tell me what the exact procedure you used was? I opened my page.php file in my theme (assume you can use the index.php file as well), placed the specified code (see below) at the top of the page, renamed the page test.php and uploaded it into the root of my theme directory (wp-content/themes/ww2col/), made sure the test.php file was CHMOD 644.

    Code used:

    Template Name: test

    I then went back into my admin area, went to create a new page, Nothing.
    Went to edit an existing page, Nothing. The admin area still gives me no templates.

    I assume I am overlooking something obvious, but have no idea what it is. This is VERY frustrating to those of us who are not able to make this work.

    I am having the same problem… I am done this a squillion times in 2.3… doing nothing differently… other than getting a shock, drinking too much coffee and swearing at inanimate objects.

    The shiny drop down box is simply not there.

    Just checked a different install of 2.5 I have running for a different project – and the afore mentioned shiny drop down box appears fine… the version which works fine was the sneak peek before the official release… did anything change between versions?

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