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[Resolved] Page Templates in 3.4

  • Hi. It appears that Page Templates have disappeared in 3.4. I’m running Safari for Mac 5.1.3.

    They are still mentioned in the help dropdown at the top of the screen…
    Template – Some themes have custom templates you can use for certain pages that might have additional features or custom layouts. If so, you’ll see them in this dropdown menu.

    Unsure what else I can do to check…. Is 3.4 looking for Page templates in a different area?

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  • They show fine me on my theme in Page Attributes.

    Have you moved to your live site or still on local host?

    Live site. I’m wondering if the implementation of page templates may have altered slightly, which is causing the templates to not be considered page templates. I’ve also posted with the theme designer…

    Please post your URL.

    It is coming up nicely. What exactly do you want to do on your site? What features are you looking for?

    It’s not that the pages aren’t coming up nicely, it’s just that I can’t choose a page template other than the default. So when you click the “Feed the Gators” button, it is supposed to bring up a form to fill in – but I can’t specify that page template.

    Most themes use templates with names like 1-column, 2 columns.

    Well, the page is coming up. But there is no form. You just need to use a form there. Nothing else.

    Krishna – you’re now at the same place I am. There is no form showing because the Page Template called “Job Post Submit” cannot be selected because the Page Template selection box is not appearing in 3.4.

    Can anyone else assist please?

    Can you check if you have the template in theme folder if the template is there check if you have right name for template.

    Template Name: Your template Name

    @govpatel… I will try to append the code when I get back to the office.

    The issue stems from the fact that 3.4 hides the drop down selection if only a default page template exists. My theme has other page templates, but they are not triggering the drop down box to appear, which makes me wonder if there is a new coding convention for page templates.



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    makes me wonder if there is a new coding convention for page templates

    There is a known issue with page template – namely:

    <?php /* Template Name: Wibble */?>

    won’t work but:

    Template Name: Wibble

    will. This should be corrected in the next WP update.

    Thanks @esmi… Fixed!!

    Oops… Resolved.

Viewing 14 replies - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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