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  • I used to have tag archives, after updating the site I have imported
    Ultimate Tag Warrior with WordPress tags.

    However, when I create a new page under “Advanced Options” I dont get any pulldown menu for Page Template because of that I dont have archives page.

    Does anyone know why “Page Template” pull down menu isnt showing up?

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  • Anyone know why I dont get the Page Template pull down menu?

    sorry for the bump, but I have been trying to figure this out with no luck

    Page Template is under Advanced Options – scroll all the way down, it’s the second from the last. Just click that arrow and it opens up with the pulldown menu.

    Well thats the problem, I dont get that pull down menu under Advanced Options. I even checked the “edit-page-form.php”, the code is there, but it just doesnt show up when you go to the admin (backend)

    I used to have a tag archive installed. When I did the update, I think I lost that page template function. I have imported all the tags to new ‘wordpress tag’.

    Does anyone came across this problem? What is the solution?

    I also checked the mysql, if there is some table that is calling different templates…. couldnt find anything.

    Any ideas?

    Try uploading the admin files again, then go to upgrade.php and it will install any tables you are missing – it sounds like something got changed, then not changed back when you removed it.

    I can’t really help you on this as I don’t have access to your install – if you want to give me that, I’ll be happy to take a closer look.

    I’m having this same problem… is there a solution to this?

    I had the same problem and found a wierd solution.

    My templates wont work, but the templates of the default theme would.

    I realized that if I copied the lines:
    Template Name: any name

    from the default theme to my theme, it would work! Although mine was written in exactly the same way!

    I dont know why, maybe some invisible character, but this way I got my page template to work…




    For anyone having this problem, what worked for me was activating another theme & then going back to reactivate the theme I was working on, seems to force WP to pick up on the template.

    I was experiencing this same issue and took benjaii’s advise and did a quick template change and back and the pull down reappeared. Thank You benjaii and everyone.


Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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