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    I have a problem using wordpress multisite.

    I installed multisite normally without any errors. I added some sites and then I added a couple of plugins and my custom theme. I allowed it to be used for the network in the Network settings page and activated it on one of the sites. But when I create a page it doesn’t seem to see that any templates are there…

    The only provided solution I managed to find so far was to reload the theme (deactivate and activate again) – but alas. I even tried to change the permalink structure – also no change. I then allowed the theme on a per site basis and reactivated it a couple of times – no change. It doesn’t seem to work on ANY of the sites in the network. (I use a multi-language theme for all of the sites).

    I would really appreciate any help.

    P.s. template files are surely present)) and made properly – because everything works perfectly on a local WAMP server (though I’m running 3.3.2 for it and haven’t upgraded yet)

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  • OMG, this is simply unfair)))
    I managed to solve the problem myself.

    Here is how I used to write the template name for almost ALL of my projects before 3.4 without any problems:

    <?php /* Template Name: name_of_the_template */ ?>

    I changed it to

    Template Name: name_of_the_template

    (as it is stated in the Codex)

    and it now sees the template… I’m shocked, is there a great difference?



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    Currently, I’m afraid there is. 🙁 A minor bug was introduced in WP 3.4 that caused comments on a single line to be ignored in custom page templates. This will be corrected in the next version but, for now, always ensure that the comment goes across three lines as you’ve posted above.

    Thanks for your prompt reply, esmi. I surely will from now on))) And I’m looking forward to this bug being corrected, because to my mind one-line version is much neater



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    Agreed. As I understand it, it was a “whoops!” moment during the re-writing of the Theme API. The core dev responsible has apologised for any inconvenience and solemnly promised that it will be fixed in the next update.

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