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  • In the ‘Write Page’ section of the admin when I try to select my new template from the Page Template pop up menu the name of the file displays as well as some code in the menu.
    “Colophon Template */ ?>Read the rest of”

    To make sure that the php file was correct I copied code from “page.php” into the new file to test it. All I’ve added at the top is:

    Template Name: Colophon Template

    The strange thing is, when I tried this with a similar “form” template file I created, the actual form shows up in the ‘Write Page’ section of the wordpress admin covering buttons save, etc. (as well as the template name & code showing up in the menu). And this happened before I’ve even selected it from the Page Template popup.

    This is a new installation and I’ve just started using it.

    Any idea why this might be happening?

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  • I too am having this problem right now (ver. 2.0.6)
    All my templates appear to be created properly, in fact, the same templates work fine in a 2.0.4 version on a similar site.

    I’m bumping this because I couldn’t find anything else remotely similar after searching the forums.

    briceirvine: if you ever revisit this topic

    the following link

    solved my problem completely. I hope it does for you too.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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