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  • kadrwabadam


    I’m trying to develop a page template for product page of my website. I have following questions:-

    1.) How can I display records in multiple columns? Like I want to display 3 products images in 1 row. By default, wordpress shows only 1 record.
    2.) How can I limit the display of products per page? Say I want to display 10 products in one page. How will I do that?
    3.) How pagination will work for product template? How can I configure it?
    4.) My understanding of adding products is:-
    – I’ll add a page ‘Products’ and will set its template to ‘Products’ which would be written in products.php
    – I’ll add a category ‘Products’
    – I’ll add new posts in ‘Products’ category
    – In my products.php (Product template file), I’ll use <?php query_posts(‘category_name=Products’) ?> so that page template could work for that particular category.

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  • esmi


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    1. Using a custom query and CSS that float each post/image left.

    2. Using a custom query

    3. See 2

    4. That seems about right.



    thanks esmi. For point # 4, is there any better way?



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    There’s a pretty thorough example of a “page of Posts” template on this Codex page. You might find some useful code snippets that you can re-use.

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