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    How can I avoid any hierarchy, but just add more pages (like in a book or Firefox tabs) to just one page or more, named 1,2,3 jne. Saw it on some wp but could not find the answer how to do it…

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  • Your Theme may have something to do with it, so a Theme name might be useful to someone. Link to your site might prove beneficial also.

    The Template Tag wp_list_pages might be useful.

    I’m using default kubrick. I just can’t seem to understand which one does it for me. 😐

    I don’t really understand your question. Which hierarchy?
    add more pages […] to just one page or more
    I am having problems with this requirement.

    Well the default theme uses wp_list_pages and don’t know if there is a way to display all pages and not be hierarchial.

    My problem is this: I want to produce static pages, with similar texts. If using any of known ways, problems are:

    Parent (= nothing to write about)
    – child (= there could be up to 100 of these, not so convenient if showing in the main page, if not, how can they be found exept if linking to them on parent? don’t want that either)

    Pages are huge and if I want to avoid putting them all in one page only (too much reading on one page and these are separate texts so this won’t do), I have to use parent – child -hierarchy.

    There are lot’s of these pages and I don’t want to make so many Parents, it would make my main page very disturbing.

    What I would like, is that readers could go to the first page in which they find the first text and could click on to next one. In the bottom could be links to the… wait a minute.

    Hahhah !

    That’s it. I’m so stupid. 😀 Using excluding and proper linking… Thank you !

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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