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  • Earlier today, I noticed that a page that normally works, now doesn’t work. Well I should say it doesn’t work in Firefox but works fine in Chrome and IE. I know that some browsers read errors differently and do respond to those errors differently. I really need to figure out what is causing this and get it fixed.

    Before I found the error I was running the previous version of WordPress but updated to see if the issue would resolve itself, but it didn’t. I have search the internet and the forums and haven’t found answer yet.

    My issue doesn’t happen all the time, but everyone once I will get a white page that will load after the page automatically refreshes. It sometimes happens when I create a new post or page using either the the default post editor or Windows Live Writer and the page successfully loads but in less than a second after loading or during the loading process the page refreshes to a blank white window when using firefox version 3.6.15 and works great in other browsers. I see this every couple of months and I delete the article. The next time I create an article it works. But if I try and recreate the article that errors out,it still has the error even I name it differently and give a different URL.

    Now I have an older article that hasn’t had an issue and is a more popular post that was working great, now its getting the same white screen during loading. I haven’t opened the article to edit or even read the article in several months and the last I checked it worked. Now it doesn’t.

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