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  • charismabiz



    Is there currently a plugin that handles page/post specific widget settings?

    For example:
    -page A has widgets RSS, Google Search
    -page B has widgets Google search
    -pace C has widgets Blogroll, RSS, Google Search

    And each page has the drag-droppable interface.

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  • searchen



    I am looking for the same… I need to link certain sidebar images or quotations to specific pages/posts.

    Looking forward to some ideas… I have used SBM plugin before, which now is no longer usable in WP 2.2




    I just looked at SBM. It seems like an interesting thing, but it performs something completely different?
    ie: SBM allows for multiple instances of a widget to be used, while I’m trying to have page-specific widget layouts for each page.



    You might want to comment on the trac ticket where this idea was recently proposed:

    Let’s hope there’ll be enough people to start working and finish SBM v2 as soon as possible.
    It’s a great plug-in, and I really need it at this moment …

    what about different page templates that call different sidebars (ex: sidebar.php, sidebar2.php, sidebar3.php)
    and then just apply the seperate page template to whatever pages you want. You adjust what is on the sidebars in the widgets section?

    just an idea.

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