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  • It seems like it would be very useful to have a page (not post) specific menus that would only show up on particular pages.

    The schema I’m thinking about for the sidebar would be something like the following:

    The page slug would be compared to a link category.

    If a link category with the same name as the page title or slug were found, the links would be displayed in the sidebar along with the link category title

    If nothing were found, nothing would be displayed.

    The advantage of the above is that even casual WordPress users could have a simple means for generating a custom menu on a particular page.

    It seems like a plugin would the most useful means of doing this rather than messing up themes, but I really don’t know how to go about doing this. Widgets are a bit less desirable in that that would have to be set up on a page by page basis, and that’s probably beyond a lot of users.

    Has this already been done? Any ideas about how difficult it would be do to?

    This feature would give WordPress a CMS capability that many actual CMS seem to fumble with.


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  • A couple of days after I posted this, I found a
    widget, called King Links that does this and a bit more. This will make it very easy for users to customize and maintain page specific menus via link categories with almost no knowledge or html or wordpress theme-speak.

    This simplified customizations is something that many CMS can’t do very well. It will make it possible for me to use WordPress as a very lightweight user-friendly CMS for the average non-technical user.

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