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Page skrewed after switching from b2evo to wordpress

  • Hello, I was using b2evolution and decided to switch to wordpress. Before I made the switch I made a testandfix page where I worked on the worpress page. After Completeing my wordpress page I decided to use it as my main page. After removing b2evo and its contents, moved wordpress to root folder, and deleted testandfix page, the result is a page with no template just my text and images. What happened.

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  • Let me explain myself a little better. I started off with ntronics.com powered by b2evo. Then created ntronics.com/testandfix which is the wordpress page. I decided now to go with the wordpress page and delete the b2evo. So I deleted everything except testandfix folder in ftp. Moved everything in testandfix folder to root directory. It was working fine until I deleted the testandfix folder. Now images and text displays but not the template, also wordpress admin area is not found when I go to admin link. So I put back the testandfix folder and wallah it works again. But the thing is, how do I make it work without the testandfix folder. Please help

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