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  • I recently started a new page on my own domain ( and it has been up for around a week or so. It is now showing up when I use a google blog search, but none of my pages/information shows up on a standard google search. I know that the process can take time, but it seems as though they should show up there by now. Some other pages that reference my domain (such as a post I made in this forum earlier in the week) do show up on a standard google search, but not any posts/pages from my own domain.

    It seems as though google only sees my domain as a blog and will not allow any searches to return any hits via a standard search. Is there anyone that can help me get my page to show up in google (not in their blog search)?


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  • A few things. Are you using google sitemaps? Do you have a robots.txt file in the root of your webfolder that may be blocking spiders like google?

    It can take some time like you say for your site to be indexed.

    there are two kind of bot’s one is for blog appear when every jyou make a post and other for crawl

    Really? My logs only show one from Google, “Googlebot”.
    Are you perhaps thinking of what happens when you publish a post and “ping” other sites?

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    Try adding a sitemap and signing up at Google’s webmaster tools. Then you can verify that the site is being seen correctly and determine why it’s not.

    The sitemaps plugin is an excellent tool for WordPress blogs. Makes it very easy to get your site indexed by Google.

    I recently added a sitemap (several days ago) which google webmaster tools states was verified, but my site is still not being indexed.

    The webmaster tools page says my page has been verified and that Googlebot last visited my page on February 3rd…nearly 2 weeks ago. Shouldn’t it be visited every day?

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    No. If you have a sitemap, Googlebot will usually only visit your site when the sitemap gets updated (when you ping Google, which the sitemap plugin does on new posts and such). That’s sort of the whole point, so that Googlebot doesn’t have to visit you every day. And even then, sometimes it’ll be a day or two after the update before the bot gets around to it.

    Gotcha – that makes sense about the sitemap.

    The thing is, I have updated the page several times since adding the sitemap and the sitemap has been verified, as has the domain, but google still tells me that it has not indexed any pages. When I do a search for my domain name, it cannot find it. It finds some outside links (like some diggs and even THIS THREAD since I’ve put the domain name in here), but not any actual pages from my domain.

    I can find several of my posts if I do a BLOG search, but none appear during a regular google search, and I’d like them to. Is there a reason they only appear when doing a google blog search rather than a standard search?

    I have tried to analyze the robots.txt file via google’s webmaster tool, but it says the robots.txt file is greater than 5000 characters, so it cannot be analyzed…could there be an issue there?

    For the record, the site I’m talking about is here:

    Thanks for everyone’s tips!

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    Your robots.txt is redirecting to your homepage. That’s not right.

    It appears that you’re using default permalinks with an .htaccess file. That’s probably causing most of your problems. Switch to one of the non-default permalinks settings in Options->Permalinks. This will give you nicer permalinks and correct this problem (by allowing your blog to return 404’s). Alternatively, delete the .htaccess file that you currently have. Either one will do.

    No idea if this will help with your Google issues or not, but it cannot hurt.

    Thanks for the tip on the .htaccess file. I changed the permalink structure to a different one (including “archive” in the address…).

    It still seems strange that the google crawler last visited my page nearly 2 weeks ago (on Feburary 3rd according to the google webmaster tools site) even though I have posted several times since then and my sitemap has been updated and notified google each time it was changed (according to the sitemap plugin on my wordpress dashboard).

    Regarding the robots.txt file, I am not familiar with how to use it and I fear that perhaps that is part of my google issues…I have read about the robots.txt file on the google webmaster tools page, but it was a bit beyond my ability to tackle…anyone know of any good tutorials or even better yet, some sort of plugin to construct/format the proper robots.txt file so that google is happy with it?

    Thanks again for the suggestions – I appreciate them more than you know!

    Moderator Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    No robots.txt file is a good robots.txt file.

    The robots.txt file can only *block* search engines. If you don’t want to block them, then you don’t need to have it at all.

    Gotcha…then since I apparently don’t have a robots.txt, I’ll just leave that as-is.

    I’m still hoping the sitemap does its magic and allows my page to start showing up on google. I’ll keep checking and if it is still not indexing in a few days, I’ll post again and see what ideas anyone has. It still seems strange that it only shows up on the blog search but not the regular search.

    Anyone with any more tips on why google is not indexing any of my pages (it even says that on the webmaster tools…even though the URL has been submitted and verified, along with a valid sitemap) then I’d love to hear the suggestions!

    Thanks again for all your help – it is much appreciated!

    So now I seem to have a robots.txt (I didn’t even create it or change anything in the past few days though…strange) but you can see it when you visit my page:
    And from what my understanding is, that robots.txt file will allow any/all robots to index my site.

    That is a good thing, right?

    So my robots.txt file is good.
    My sitemap is all set and verified.
    My URL has been added (and verified) by google.
    My page has been frequently updated.
    My page/posts are linked to from other pages.
    Several posts have even been “dugg”.
    My posts and pages appear on google “blog search”.

    My page is still not indexed by google.


    Any input would be appreciated!

    Still not showing up on google…

    Shows up on most other search engines: msn, yahoo, askjeeves, and others…

    If anyone has any suggestions I’d love to hear them!

    This is STILL a problem. I realize it is not directly a WP problem, but the google webmaster forums and other places I’ve visited haven’t helped, so I’m upping this thead to see if anyone around here has any more ideas. Google gives a cached version of my site, but it does not appear in the indes (via a site: search or any other type).

    ANY help would be appreciated!!

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