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    It’s still working in BP 1.7, i’ve made the different things to. It now uses BP Theme Compat in order to work with each WordPress theme. Some standalone BuddyPress theme do not use add_theme_support(‘buddypress’) in their functions.php :

    What is your theme ?

    I use Social buddy from themeforest:

    This is a great plugin by the way

    Is there a premium version for this plugin?

    ON a side note I would you ever consider making a travel map plugin for buddypress? There is a travelmap plugin but more so for wordpress.

    Plugin Author imath


    Hi, as it’s a premium theme, it’s hard to know if the functions.php of the theme contains a add_theme_support(‘buddypress’) in its functions.php
    It should be in the function that is hooked to after_theme_setup action..

    Thank you

    There’s no premium version for this plugin

    No, sorry.

    Just checked the function.php for social buddy and that snippet is in the code. I used your plugin before with earlier version of this current social buddy theme. But I just saw the snippet.

    [deleted – too much code for these forums – please use a pastebin]

    Plugin Author imath


    Well, unless i can have a version of the theme to see what’s wrong, i guess you’ll need to ask the theme developer.

    The best thing to do is to adapt the markup of the templates that are in the templates directory of the plugin by copying them into a buddypress or a community subdirectory or even at the root folder of the theme..

    Sometimes premium theme overloads the template engine of WordPress with others so it can be complex..

    PS : you shouldn’t copy the content of the functions.php in a forum, i just needed a confirmation that the add_theme_support(‘buddypress’) was there 😉

    When my sidebar is on the right the plugin goes to the left, and when sidebar is on right, the plugin goes to the right…

    Alright thanks for the response…but thats to much work for a non techie. Will try future updates from time to time.

    Sorry, when sidebar left, everything goes right. When sidebar right, everything goes left. I’m using Balance by presscrew.

    tell me which files to copy to which directory, please, and I’ll do it. I’m using a child theme.

    Plugin Author imath


    You simply need to copy all the files that are in the templates dir of the plugin and paste them at one of these locations :


    That’s not so complicated. Thank you.

    Sorry to report that it didn’t work. That is to say, that it worked when I had checkins only activated, but when I activated the community places component, it broke again.

    If I put the files in the child theme, they show on their own page, without any buddypress or the rest of the site.

    if I put the files in buddypress or community folder, then it’s again broken; however, there is an improvement in that instead of breaking all of the buddypress pages, it only acts funny (pushes to the sides) on the checkin component pages.

    oh, and all this happened when I deactivated every plugin except for BuddyPress, BP checkins, and BuddyMenu

    Plugin Author imath



    Have you tried to contact Bowe (presscrew) about this trouble ?

    Are you sure the functions.php of Balance contains the add_theme_support(‘buddypress’) ?

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 17 total)
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