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    Vic previously helped me set up the 2 pages to create my home page. I have one named “HOME” and one named “ARTICLE LIST PAGE”. HOME has no parent and Front Page template. ARTICLE LIST PAGE has HOME and DEFAULT TEMPLATE with ARTICLE LIST PAGE in the ARLIMA Widget menu. I am getting double of everything. What is the correct setup? I had to restore my files and it came across messed up. Thanks.

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  • I really need a response to this issue. I cleaned up the double posts of everything issue. But, because the 2 pages issues, I can’t get the parent+template+arlima list set up correctly. The documentation doesn’t seem to address specifically how to setup the static page with the parent+template+arlima setup. Do you need one page or do you create 2 pages? Again, at you can see that the arlima list does place the content on the static page but now it doesn’t show the excerpt link to continue ready which it has always done. Visitors usually may not know they can click on the title to the fully post link but when they see the continue reading or read more link, they can get there. I think it’s an arlima issue because yesterday when I posted for help, I was getting both, or duplicate lists of the same content on the same page. One with the continue reading link and the other without. Please help me as I am spending a lot of confusing time trying to resolve this.

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    Can you please explain further what you mean by “parent+template+arlima setup” ?

    You seem to have solved the issue with the “Read the full story” link yourself?

    Vic, I did fix the read the full story issue by reinstalling a full backup from WP. Got the duplicate issue resolved also because I had selected the List Article Page in the widget box in the Post edit screen in WP Admin and inserted the Arlima short code in the body content section of the post edit page. I removed the short code. I guess, for future reference, do you create 2 pages initially to create the front page which then becomes my static page to show the article list, or just 1 page? I’ve always had one Article List Page and one Home page. If that’s so, what do you choose for the Parent+Template and Arlima widget for each, or if one what do you choose for just that one page? I think my problem is that everytime I restore a backup, the home page get deleted so I have to recreate it. It seems that the home page shouldn’t be called home in WP for some reason hence I have to come back to you. This time I will write down the setup of the static page to list the articles so I can easily recreate it if necessary. Also, I notice that the Arlima Manage List edit screen where you add and remove posts hangs up so that I can only edit 1 post at a time in the manage screen of Arlima. If I save it, then refresh the page I am able to edit another article. Not every time, but a lot. Thanks for responding.

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    The plugin no longer creates a “home” page (front page) when installed. The page template “Article List Page” is longer necessary to use, it’s in fact discouraged since it contains code that’s not meant to be a part of the public API of the Arlima plugin. I think your problem is that every time you restore the backup you have both implementations running and that’s confusing things for you. My suggestion would be to remove the file page-arlima.php located in the theme directory and take a new fresh backup of your website so this confusion won’t happen again.

    All the steps you go through to create an article list, relate the list to a page and use the page as front page is described in the wiki

    I’m really not sure about your second problem. We have staff members working with Arlima from 07:00 pm to 11:00 am every day and we (the development apartment) have not been informed about any problems such as the one you’re describing. There might be something that has become a problem in our latest releases (we have not updated the plugin in our own wp installations yet) or something related to Mac OS (our staffs computers is running on Windows). Please get back to me if this problem persists.

    / Vic

    Vic, I’m referring to the Page Attributes section when creating a page for the parent+template and the Arlima Attributes where you can select “List Articles Page” box on the right sidebar of the page to be created or edited.

    I will try to follow your wiki instructions but they were confusing to me and now I see it’s because you have modified your setup since I first started with you. Otherwise, everything is excellent about Arlima. Did you think about the hanging up I encounter in the Manage List screen when adding or removing posts from the lists?

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    Yes, the suggested setup has changed, but the old way of doing it still works. This was stated in the change log for release 2.5.

    (and yes, I was thinking about the hang ups)

    / vic

    Ok. I’m going to close this and if the hanging still occurs, I will open a new ticket. Thanks.

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