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    I have currently 10 images on this page. Once I have 14 images, every time I save the page, all of the content is deleted from the page. This makes no sense to me at all! It doesn’t matter what images I add; any image does it. Number 14 makes the page go blank — and all of the content gets deleted from the post.

    This isn’t limited to my page template or blog theme either. No matter what, this happens on the 14th image. What is going on here???

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  • possibly exceeding php memory limit
    you or your host should bump it to 32M

    Hi samboll,

    Thanks, I tried your advice. However, it still has the same problem.

    Also, no error comes up. The page content just gets erased with no notice whatsoever. Once I add the 14th image and click “Update Post,” even the backend gets erased.

    In addition, disabling my plugins and disabling the WYSIWYG editor also do not change this problem at all.

    best guess
    a table is crashed in the database – try running a repair

    Hmm ok, I’m on to something here.

    It seems to have to do with captions.

    Is there a caption limit or something in WP? When I don’t use any captions at all, I can have any number of images. But as soon as I have at least 1 caption, it looks like 13 images is the limit.

    I was having the same problem. 10 images with captions. Every time i clicked Save Draft or Update Post, it all got deleted. Removing the captions allowed me to save it.

    Very strange.

    I’m having a similar problem.

    All my posts (including drafts) have been deleted from dashboard.
    I didn’t change templates, install a new plugin or even have any problems with images and captions.

    Problem occurred after I tried changing the title of a post with no luck. I could still see the posts in dashboard but the posts didn’t show on the website. Next day, ALL POSTS AND DRAFTS were gone from dashboard!

    Seriously no idea what went wrong but if anyone has any idea, please help =(

    Ignore my previous post, there was a fault with my database…not sure what exactly, but it’s fixed after my bro hit the “repair database” button =)

    I tried repairing my database… still the same problem happens. Captions cause everything in the post to be erased.

    Does anyone else have any ideas??

    This is a shortcodes problem – but I can’t figure out what is happening, or why. Captions now run on shortcodes, however, which explains why so many people are having problems with image captions.

    After a bit of testing, I’ve got nothing. I can’t seem to find a pattern to why it happens, or where: all I know is that shortcodes seem to be the cause, and it definitely correlates to the number on a page.

    If I find anything useful out, I’ll post it here.

    Thanks, I’ll keep checking here for updates.

    It’s really frustrating. This problem has been here for a number of releases. Do the devs not know about it??

    I have been experiencing similar symptoms, however the removal of captions doesn’t do the trick. If I publish content immediately (before any auto-saves happen) I can consistently post new articles regardless of captions or number of images. It is not until “updating” the article that the post content starts to disappear regardless of the article being a draft or posted or if the update is done via the auto-save feature.

    Number of images (coupled with size of images) may be a contributor to this problem as one of my authors noted being able to update if there were only 5 images on his latest post, but not the sixth. We use fairly high-res images which would explain the discrepancy between the number of images we use compared to others that have posted here.

    That leads me to believe there’s a memory limit somewhere along the “updating” path of execution that does not exist down the “publishing” path of execution.

    Hi, I am experiencing the same problem, took a while to work out that the captions were to blame. Very frustrating as I have an article that requires a lot of images with captions.

    Can we ask wordpress directly if this is being looked at?

    it aint just one thing or the other, text is disappearing for numerous reasons. Mine disappears everytime I copy paste code with quotes, divs, iframe, and various other dodads. Even though I was using plugins to accommodate those things. I have tried deleting all plugins except BuddyPress, which could be a potential text eater. Not sure, don’t know. i guess now worth a look and see. this is happening too much.

    It is a real shame no-one has the answer to this problem. It makes my life soooo difficult as I have content that needs to be shown with tables and more than 22 images.
    I am starting to think my move to wp has been a big mistake 🙁

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