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  • I have both a blog and portfolio and have removed the category base on my urls. I have created both a page and category for Blog and Portfolio.

    When a user goes to they are loading the page and when they are loading the items they get where this time blog is the category.

    Problem is if I choose a feed. it will load the page feed and not the category feed. How can I get around this? Thanks.

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  • Any thoughts on this? Thanks



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    Hi driz. Don’t quite get what you want. Off hand I would say create a category template for two categories: Blog and Portfolio. Your feed show up per category and you can change layout of each category template as well. So in Post Write Panel you check on either Blog or Portfolio category to organize your posts.

    Yup doing that so far. But because I want it to feel like sections I have removed the /category/ from the URL. And I also want to have sub-sections for my blog such as an archive and also editable intro and therefore have had to create pages as well to match the categories.

    This means WP looks at it as though when I say /blog/ it calls the page, but when I say /blog/?s=somekeywords it will look inside the category instead. So I’m making both work together to give the impression of them being just one section to the user. It’s dirty but it works (until WordPress implements proper sections).

    But when it comes to feeds it will break because it will call the page feed and not the category feed. Also how can I access say all posts in 2009 in just the blog section? I tried /blog/2009 but that throws 404, what would the URL be?




Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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