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  • I have a quick question for my site. When I have links to other pages or “click here to read more” buttons, after you click through and read the full entry and return to the main site the page always resets to the top of the blog. Is there any way to get it to return where the user was when they first clicked on the link?


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  • Only if they clicked on the page at a specific spot and then hit BACK instead of the “return” or another link that takes them back to the page. You can manually add a “back” button in every post that takes you back to the post id, such as:

    <a href="index.php#post-14/">Return</a>

    But this lends itself to a lot of problems. What if they didn’t come from the main index.php page but from your archives or categories? You’ve now forced them to “return” to a place they don’t want to be. And what if post-14 is off your index page? What happens then?

    Your best bet is to hope your users use their BACK button, something we all need to learn… 😉

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