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  • I having a problem with naming pages.I previously had a page named form which I removed. I installed a plug-in called Simple Press and it adds a page called forum. The problem I’m running into is it now wants to rename the page with a number after it like forum-2 or forum-3. How can I get WordPress not to do this and just keep it the page name as forum? I have edited the link and changed it to form, but when I click on publish it then renames it back and add a hyphen with a number after it.

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  • If you deleted the old page, it’ll still be in the trash, so it essentially still exists.

    1. Remove the old page totally, freeing up the page slug you want.
    2. Edit the old page, and manually change the page-slug to something else.

    That then should allow you to use the desired slug.

    Hope that helps.. 🙂

    Are you talking about removing the page.php? How do I clear out the trash? I have looked in my pages and do not see it.

    OK, I found the page in the Trash Option. I did not see that before. I removed the page. I added a new page called forum, now I’m getting an index directory.

    Ok, but that seems like an installation issue, i don’t use SimplePress to know the setup procedure, you should either direct your question to them, or wait to see if any users here that use the plugin can assist you.

    Perhaps it may be benefitial just to run over the installation procedure for the plugin again, making sure you follow the procedure as it’s been outlined in the instructions.

    If you’ve not checked the Wiki or Forum for guidance already, you may wish to do.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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