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    Doing some testing with this plugin, and it appears pretty good. I don’t know if I’ve stumbled upon a couple bugs or I’m doing something wrong. So I have 2 issues. (Side note, I used the demo created by WPTuts and basically replicated the entire video)

    1) When selecting the option to ‘create’ a post, It consists of the standard 3 WP field types(Title/content/FeatImage), when it shows the ‘content’ area on the screen, all the icon locations for formatting are all blocked out squares. It appears the Elementor Theme Style settings are overriding the ‘button’ in the WYSIWYG editor panel. I have a background color set for my normal button state, and that is what is covering them in the editor.

    2) When attempting to use the ‘edit’ option, it brings up the ‘model’ panel, but the page refreshes within a few seconds, and I’m back just looking at the post I was editing. The model window does come up, but it appears there is a refresh happening at the same time, and it reloads the page. Not sure if I missed a setting or something, but it doesn’t appear to be normal behavior.

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    Note; This occurs on both Chrome and Firefox, and I’m on the v2.3.23.

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    @ocbroadband hello

    Thanks for reaching out!

    1. This is a known issue and I intend onbfinding a built in solution as well as adding styling option for these icons in pro.

    2. This sounds like a bug. The modal button isn’t supposed to redirect at all. It just opens the modal. I hope it is not from the plugin. I will check it out and let you know.




    I may be talking rubbish, but for 2), does the same happen if you turn off the modal option and just dump the form somewhere on the page?

    Does the Chrome DevTools show any errors?



    This issue was resolved. I had the Loop template set to be entirely clickable vs. just the picture or heading, so anywhere you clicked in the item, it loaded to the Post URL. removed that, and then the button worked as expected.

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